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LSUA Presents Public Lecture on the Black Plague

Released: 01/19/2010

The Honors Program at LSU Alexandria, with an assist from three academic departments, will present a free interdisciplinary public lecture Jan. 29 on the mid-14th century Black Plague in Europe. “Perspectives on the Plague: Historical, Biological and Artistic” will be at 6 p.m. at the Alexandria Museum of Art.

The lecture will deal with the historical fallout of the 1348 plague and complications presented by the state of science at that period. Historians commonly estimate there were 10 million deaths from the plague over an 11-year period. The plague, it was eventually discovered, is a bacterial disease spread by infected fleas carried by rodents. It is believed that this version of the plague originated in Mongolia and was distributed by Venetian trader ships.

Lecturers include Drs. Elisabeth Elder, professor of biology, and Christof Stumpf, assistant professor of biology; Alice Blackwell, assistant professor of English; and James Rogers, associate professor of history. Light refreshments will be served.