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Dr. Nangia to Present Paper at College Composition Meeting

Released: 11/11/2009

Dr. Shonu Nangia, assistant professor of foreign languages at LSU Alexandria, will present a paper Friday (Nov. 13) at the Louisiana Assn. for College Composition meeting in Monroe. Nangia’s presentation, “When the Sword Is Mightier than the Pen: The Writer as Victim of the Politico-Bureaucratic Machinery,” deals with the persecution of author Taslima Nasrin in Southeast Asia.

“This female writer earned the ire of fundamentalists and became a global fugitive after militating for oppressed womanhood through her literature,” said Nangia. “The presentation illuminates what happens when a gentle and brave humanist becomes the victim of the very governmental systems that should have protected her.”

Nangia said Nasrin’s writing “trapped her at the intersection of populist politics and fundamentalism. There are powerful implications of her writing and her situation for us as teachers and scholars.”