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Dr. Nangia to Present Papers at 2 Scholarly Conferences

Released: 09/10/2009

Dr. Shonu Nangia, assistant professor of foreign languages at LSU Alexandria, will present two papers at scholarly seminars this fall.

The first, “Mama Linda and the Indian Techie: An Urban Tale from Rural Louisiana,” will be presented Sept. 26 at the Conference on Louisiana Studies hosted by Northwestern State University. Nangia wrote the humorous short story, which is based on a real incident, to bring attention to an individual’s search for “home.”

“In this age of global migration I’m interested in how our places of origin and customs influence our perceptions and expectations of the new locations in which we may find ourselves,” Nangia said.

Nangia also will present a paper Oct. 9 at the 33rd annual Colloquium on Literature and Film at the University of West Virginia. The presentation is based on a recent translation of the French novel “Sahib” into English. “The novel was written by a Frenchman and set in India around a French protagonist,” Nangia said. “It brings the two countries closer in surprisingly comical and profound ways, and I see it as a novel of globalization.”

Nangia, who speaks nine languages, also coordinates the annual French Film Festival at LSUA.