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Rankin Article on German Film Published by Senses of Cinema

Released: 10/29/2008

An article on the 1922 German film “Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler” (the gambler) by Dr. Arthur Rankin, associate professor of English at LSU at Alexandria, has been published by Senses of Cinema, an on-line journal headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Rankin contends the Fritz Lang-directed film is a commentary on Germany’s “susceptibility to exploitation during the period of decadence and chaos that followed World War I,” which fostered the Hitler-led Nazi regime. The film’s central character, Dr. Mabuse, succeeds in a variety of criminal practices by skillful manipulation of multiple personas.

Lang, who directed the acclaimed films “Metropolis” and “M,” was later offered a position in the Nazi propaganda ministry but instead immigrated to the United States, leaving his pro-Nazi wife in Germany.

It is Rankin’s third contribution to Senses of Cinema, which can be accessed at