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Public Lecture on Greek Philosophy Scheduled Nov. 6

Released: 10/20/2008

“Who Were These Greeks, and Why Do They Matter?” is the topic of a lecture by scholar George Anastaplo at the Alexandria Museum of Art on Nov. 6 at 6:30 p.m. Anastaplo, professor of law at Loyola University in Chicago and a former professor of political science and philosophy at Rosary College, will be here as visiting lecturer for the new Honors Program at LSU at Alexandria.

Anastaplo, author of more than a dozen books on the theory of Constitutional law, citizenship and Greek philosophy, will present themes from his work “The Thinker as Artist,” a Socratic inquiry into representative texts of a several ancient authors and philosophers. Ideas will be presented on how to investigate the thinking done by classical authors ranging from Homer to Plato and Aristotle, especially on the issues of chance, art, nature and divinity. A reception will follow the lecture, which is free and open to the public.

Anastaplo’s will meet several times with students enrolled in “Studies in Ancient Greece,” the first Honors Program class at LSUA. Dr. Steve Vanderslice, professor of English and philosophy and a member of the Honors Program faculty, said Anastaplo "knows the Greek mind, and the Greek culture, and has published on the great poets, historians and philosophers of Greece. I have reason to believe that he knows Socrates inside-out ... as a result of a combination of very considerable native ability and half a century of quite careful study and reflection."

Additional information about the Honors Program is available from the Office of Admissions, 473-6417.