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2008-09 Faculty Senate

Released: 06/16/2008

Officers and new members of the LSU at Alexandria Faculty Senate for 2008-09 have been elected. Dr. Callum Johnston, associate professor of early childhood education representing the Department of Education, was re-elected president. Dr. Elisabeth Elder, professor of biology and member-at-large from the College of Arts and Sciences, was elected vice president.

Cathy Robinson, instructor of allied health and member-at-large from the College of Professional Services, was chosen secretary; and Dr. David Huey, professor of biology representing the Department of Biological Sciences, was elected parliamentarian.

New members of the Faculty Senate are Dr. Kevin Ells, assistant professor of communication studies, representing the Department of Arts, English and Humanities; Dr. Bonnie Hines, associate librarian, representing library services; and Dr. Don Yates, assistant professor of computer information systems, from the Department of Business Administration.

Other members of the 11-person Faculty Senate are Dr. Richard Elder, assistant professor of psychology, from the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Dr. Karen Villareal, assistant professor of mathematics, representing the Department of Math and Physical Sciences; Sandra Franklin, instructor of health sciences, representing the Department of Allied Health; and Mary Delaney, assistant professor of nursing, from the Department of Nursing.