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LSUA Faculty Awarded Tenure & Promotion

Released: 04/29/2008

Nine members of the LSU at Alexandria faculty have been promoted, and seven of those have been tenured by the LSU Board of Supervisors.

“Promotion and tenure on this campus come only after a lengthy and rigorous review by faculty peers, administration and outside sources to determine the worthiness of each candidate,” said Dr. Tom Armstrong, interim chancellor and vice chancellor for academic and student affairs. “It represents an investment by the university in each recipient, and it’s a significant achievement that’s anything but routine.”

LSUA faculty who were awarded tenure and promotion are Dr. Julien Doucet, associate professor of mathematics; Dr. Richard Elder, associate professor of psychology; Dr. Owen Elmore, associate professor of English; Dr. Kerry Ordes, associate professor of political science; Dr. Arthur Rankin, associate professor of English; Debra Rollins, associate librarian; and Dr. Susan Sullivan, associate professor of biology.

Elaine Beck was promoted to assistant professor of education, and Dr. James Stacy was promoted to professor of theatre and communication studies.