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Nursing Students/Avoyelles Charter School Health Fair

Released: 02/19/2008

Nursing students from LSU at Alexandria will conduct a health fair for Avoyelles Charter School students Friday (Feb. 22) in conjunction with the CHRISTUS Cabrini School Base Health Center.

Assistant professor of nursing Debra Smith said 10 LSUA students from the university's "Nursing Care of the Child" class will participate. Students will staff an LSUA Student Nurses Association-sponsored booth on the health issues of body piercing and tattoos, and they also will serve as resources in such areas as obesity, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and firearm, ATV and watercraft safety.

"We have found that students in the schools we visit communicate much more openly with our nursing students about health issues, and school health fairs give our nursing students a practical opportunity to take what they've learned in the classroom to the actual population," said Smith. "Our students are very enthusiastic about this project every semester." Smith also said the student nurses assist in health assessments and learn management, collaboration and organization skills from the professional healthcare providers at the fairs.